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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

3 effects in 1

This is another method of presentation for your sketch up,

3 effects in 1 (can be more than 3 if you want to)

  • wireframe
  • hidden line (Jitter)
  • shared with textured (Jitter)
* touched up in photoshop for joining them together

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Google Sketchup Pro 6

I've been suprised that
Google has launched Google Sketchup Pro 6 in just few months after launching sketchup 6. The new recommended feature for this version is the LayOut (beta).

With LayOut (beta) you can:

  • Create compelling multi-page design documents and presentations.
  • Arrange and annotate multiple scaled images on a single-page.
  • Create customized elements and symbols for your presentations using 2D Vector graphics toolsets.
  • Create, document and present your designs using a single software package.
These are all in one, save time for doing photo touch-up and presentation panel. You know why? time is the assert for architects. :) Google has thought everything for you.

8 hours FREE trial version of Google SketchUp Pro is from availabe!

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