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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Solid color, by AR:2

 Osman Insurance by AR:2
M199 by AR:2
Commercial Road by AR:2 
I believe you and I like to use solid color for your SketchUp model, as opposed to mono tone mentioned in early post, this is good especially when you have material idea in your mind during the design process. Here are some samples designed by Australian architect AR:2, their design is contemporary, clean and bold.

Also visit their website for other related projects built by SketchUp.

Images © AR:2

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mono tone, by PHAB architects

Camp Hill Residence, Brisbane

Bardon Residence 2, Brisbane

Bardon Residence 2, Brisbane

Windsor Residence, Brisbane
Here are the few beautiful single house projects by Australian firm PHAB architects, they are presented in mono-tone, this method is most of architects' preferred presentation style in conceptual stage for formal expression. If you noticed, there are a wire frame next to the objects, it is good that if you wish to show its surrounding situation in relation with your house, while still keep the house as the main focus point in the drawing.

Some designers build white base for surrounding (which is in white solid), if your house design has striking color, then you can go ahead with this contrast method. Otherwise you will lose the design.

Hope this helpful.

Images © PHAB architects

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