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Sunday, November 07, 2010

MAGLIN sketchUp outdoor furniture components

Well, let's talk about real product designs which are available in the market, sometimes when you put some of sketchUp components to your design model, would you be experienced being asked by your client how to get that products? Then how was your answer? "opps, I get those from component library, but I might try to get the similar product for you" or "......" I think this gonna be your answer?

But now, I recently discovered one of the outdoor furniture design & manufacturer in USA & CANADA - MAGLIN SITE FURNITURE INC. MAGLIN supply outdoor furniture ranging from Ash Receptacles, Trash Containers, Recycle Units, Benches, Bike Racks, Bollards, Cluster Seating, Planters, Patio Enclosures to Signage. All of these products are available in sketchUp component for you to download. 

You can register Now to gain immediate access to Maglin's CAD, PDF, SketchUp files and instant quotes.

Please click here to the MAGLIN website.

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