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Saturday, November 29, 2008

SketchUp garden design

I've just have a quick study of designing a home garden landscape design by testing the various size of concrete pieces in relation with concrete seating (white color).

Some has emailed me regarding first time using 3 dimensional program. If you're wanna do your own home garden design, I'll suggest you using sketchup, it is friendly user, free and available from google SketchUp. Once you've known the basic tools> draw, pull, turn, move, copy..etc, you'll be soon get closer to the SketchUp.

Here is a video tutorial for those are new to sketchUp. Let's enjoy!

Need more? Please check it out our tutorial page or to google sketchUp official page for more sketchUp tutorial information.

Clean presentation style in Sketchup, by Pott architects

This is an art campus design proposal in berlin, designed by Pott architects. I personally like this kind of presentation style as it is simple, nice and straight forward, no any unnecessary work required that spending time in full rendering. The design and images are copyrighted to Pott architects.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Google SketchUp 7 has launched with new feature!

Further to sketch up pro 6, the Google Sketchup 7 has released! You can take a look at What's New in 7 page and also download for free available for Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X (10.4+).

There are some special new features that I would like to highlight in Sketchup 7 are as below,

You can draw a free-line polyline to create a irregular shape of form, you can even edit the line with a path edit command.

Beside polyline, there are no more stretching and distortion when you Scaling an object.

Here are some videos of Sketchup 7 demonstrating the new feature in SketchUp 7 version.

Official Google Blog: Introducing SketchUp 7

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