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Monday, December 22, 2008

SketchUp component compatibility

"I am using sketchup 4, but most of the components in Google warehouse are in sketchup 6 version, it would be appreciated if you send me the sketchUp 4 version component to my email"

"where can I get older version of sketch Up component?"

"I am very hard to find sketch Up 4 components from internet, can you send me some link to refer? thanks so much."
Recently I've received a lot of queries of the sketchup component compatibility, we know after Google bought over the sketch up software, it seems to us a frequent launching 3D software, a lot of older version user, cant really find a suitable component.

Today, I just wanna have a post of helping you guys for the component compatibility issue. I have always featured the Google 3D warehouse in my previous post, no worries, lets see the picture below, what do you think?

yea... you are right, if you are sketch up 3, 4 or 5 users, please go the google sketch Up page to download a free sketchup 6 or 7, then you can open the component in where you have downloaded from if the component is not in 4 version, and save it as [sketch up 3] , [sketch up 4] or [sketch up 5], it depends on what kind of version you are currently using. Done! you can now insert your saved component to your older sketchup version. Easy, isn't it?

please click here to download a latest sketch up version.

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